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11:00am “Make-Up Day”

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011


Programming for the Gym, CrossFit and the Individual

Monday, April 25th, 2011

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, working out at home is like painting with Bob Ross, fun, rewarding and you in fact are painting. You can dance at home (as if no one can see you) and in fact dance, but if you want to really learn to dance, go to Juilliard. […]

Easter Sunday Schedule!!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Attention LCF! Sunday is Easter, so, we’re just teaching a 9am class (thanks Abi!!) and then we’re closing down for the day. See you Monday!

Why “Isabel”?

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Questions like this are great! CrossFit: constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. Snatching is pretty darn functional, it can move a large load a very long distance rapidly! In other words, LOTS OF POWER OUTPUT. Now the hard part is that Snatching is just downright difficult, it requires lots of base skills, mobility, […]

Optimal: do you has it?

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Training: to make proficient by instruction and practice, as in some art, profession, or work. Competing: to strive to outdo another for acknowledgment, a prize, supremacy, profit, etc. Thank you My english teacher would be so proud of me for citing my sources! Onward to more term definitions; Maximal: the greatest quantity or amount […]

Wall Ball Shot Scaling

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Yup, even with a workout as “simple” as “Karen” (150 Wall Ball Shots for time) there’s room for good scaling options Be excited!! And NO this isn’t for everyone The moral of the story is tall people should have pity for the shorties and short people shouldn’t rub their ability to do simple calisthenics rapidly […]

New Week!

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Hooray for optimal training!! Last week I saw a lot of awesomeness surrounding the Clean and Jerk!! Many people come to mind but I want to give shout outs to Beeje for finally getting under the bar! Kari for being savage, Steve for getting 135, “the girls” for breaking 30 reps, Linda, Pam and Charles […]

Class Schedule!!

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Friday night no 6:30pm class Saturday, no classes but, the SPF MEET will be going off, stop by to see what’s up!! Sorry for the late notice, but thanks for understanding!!! Rock on

SPF Quest for Glory 1

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Get ready!! Saturday will change the world. It’s going to be awesome! It means a few things for the club though, Friday night is a little different: ONLY THE 5:30 class is happening. At 6:30 we’ll be setting the gym up for the meet, there are 50+ STRONG people (1000lb squat club, etc.) descending upon […]


Friday, April 1st, 2011

Couple new things you guys!! AM On Ramp Sessions – YAY These are for current On Rampers and for those about to rock (whom we salute). They’ll be Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:00am starting April 12th. Jesse will teach Tuesday and Emily will teach Thursday. Onward and upward! Workshops and Seminars: get excited and ready […]