A CrossFitter at 65 – How are you?

Janice Hill:  World Record Holder in the deadlift at age 62 with a 198# lift.  On her 65th birthday she performed "Jackie" and decided to max out the bench press.  With a PR press of 112#!!!  Janice, the AARP called, they want you to slow down and start worrying about everything.  HAhahahahha  -  love it Janice, love it!


The quote of the day:  [Jesse] Janice, you’re so strong! [Janice] No, I’m just mean!




2 Responses to “A CrossFitter at 65 – How are you?”

  1. Darryl Says:

    WHAT??? Janice kicks butt during the workouts! Ain’t no way she’s in her 60′s,
    Can’t be!

  2. Jesse Says:

    True brother, she’s got a World Record in the deadlift. When she was 62 she deadlifted 198 in a WADBL meet for the win and the record – that was a lot of fun :) Especially when I stole her bacon that morning at breakfast!

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