A quote from John

Responding to the lack of chalk in the gym.

“These modal domains have been broadening my times.” -John Sylvester

5 Responses to “A quote from John”

  1. charles Says:

    I personally love chalk and miss it.

  2. poppa poz Says:

    and on the 8th day God created Chalk…

  3. poppa poz Says:

    charles I saw that http://www.crossfitunlimited.com posted that photo of you doing a muscle up.

  4. charles Says:

    Shane I felt both humbled and honored to be posted on the main site and to be
    a part of this incredible community called Crossfit.
    John Sylvester is brilliant!
    I still miss chalk!

  5. John Sylvester Says:

    I am an adult refusing to grow up, I already knew this. I am convinced I have surrounded myself with other “kids” on the playground. The amount of excitement revolving around one brick of chalk was electric. YAY CHALK!!!! A t-shirt for the XL (formerly XXL) CrossFitter.

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