Am I going to get big?!


You will have muscles, you will become the most athletic, useful, strong version of you possible. You will not be a bodybuilder with lots of extra, useless, muscular bulk. What you will have is exactly what you need, any more and it would slow you down on your runs, make you too heavy for rope climbs.

Got it?

7 Responses to “Am I going to get big?!”

  1. KP Says:

    GOT IT! thanks …… hhhhhmmmm my clothes keep getting looser too… ‘its a good thing’

  2. Posey Says:

    uhhh…but I want to get big?

  3. larry Says:

    im big and i cant climb a rope. it sucks. But I can eat 3 hams.

  4. edgar Says:

    i was thinkin about that question . . . thanks for clearing that up. ive got a few questions lined up in my head that wants to stubbornly support bulking up, but i think you summed it up on your last sentence. for the sake of argument, is there any way to get bigger (and stronger) to support yourself to capably perform up to par when compared to our essential “cross-fit” body? or do i need to face reality, make the best of my body, and just continue to shoot for progression in performance? which brings me to the next question/concern: what about supplements (creatine, etc.)?

  5. Jesse Says:

    A whole box of Samoas Larry?

    Edgar. Dang. The dudes bring this up all the time. If you want to get appreciably larger and stay athletic I need to a) see you a lot more, b) talk with you about lifting serious weights and c) educate you on diet. Supplements are for suckers, save your money for more food and training. Does that help?

  6. edgar Says:

    nice straight up advice… ill b in 2mrw

  7. Dan Says:

    Go on the Eat more diet. Then later on, way later on, look into suppls

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