April On Ramp Course

Starting CrossFit; difficult!!

That’s why we have a 12 session course called On Ramp. It’s been developed to usher in people from all walks of fitness into CrossFit.

The next course begins Monday April 5th, 6:30pm. If you know someone who needs CrossFit, send ‘em on in!! That’s the time to do it:)

Scores coming by Wednesday, stay tuned!
-Fearless Leader

Colin Summer

Summer 2

Yikes Squat

Can you spot the fault or faults in this squat? Post illuminations to comments.

7 Responses to “April On Ramp Course”

  1. Renee Says:

    Pelvis tilted posteriorly thus no tight back. Knees pushing forward rather than butt back.

  2. poppa poz Says:

    theres only 95lbs on the bar? Just kidden, looks like Poseys form, being all up on the Toes and such

  3. vijay Says:

    lumbar flexion,
    weight is not midfoot
    knees not being shoved out
    knees sliding forward
    wrist not straight
    are you kidding me, box squats for what looks like 135 lb??!

    Looks like the gentleman should be doing more full ROM deep squats instead of box squats.

    [Editor's Note] It’s 95lbs.

  4. Katherine Says:

    Hard to tell from this angle, but it looks like his knees are caving. They’re definitely pushing forward, as Renee said, and his back is not only not tight, but curving in the wrong direction.

  5. Ed Says:

    Looks good. Like looking in a mirror.

    But more important. The tire is for flippin not sittin. And you don’t move a sled by walking circles around it.
    And could someone please get the other guy a bucket.

  6. Jesse Ward Says:

    Ed, the best part for me is Steve “D Nasty” and “Krazy” Kev in the background thinking “why the hell are those guys doing that, let’s bench.”

    The technical disgnosis of that squat is “train wreck”.

  7. Ron Says:

    Why are all these people commentating when they should be working?….Get to work people!

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