Attention Super Hardcores

We’re tinkering of putting together a special Elite Class for our CrossFitters who are on their way to Level 2 and Level 3 fitness.

This will be an invite only kind of thing.  

Doesn’t look bad until you get to the bottom where your pull-up is so awesome that you can fly high enough to grab the 2×4 above the bar you used to be hanging on…  It’s about to get a little more serious.  

Cameras and heads will roll as our top performers get a chance to compete head to head.  Let D and Jes know when’s best to have a few of these classes a week.  We’re thinking like Thursday night and one day on the weekend?


Clan Cheiftan Out.

9 Responses to “Attention Super Hardcores”

  1. Dan Says:

    Off topic but what the heck,
    oh me, oh my…. how the hell to train for this?

    top of the page;

  2. Dan Says:

    off topic again:
    “Hey Dan,
    I just put up a pic of the DL logs at

    They will have have handles coming out the long end but be sure to practice with a parallel grip instead of a traditional grip. Weight TBD

    The ohp medley will be axel, log, sandbag, keg, block… weight tbd…we need a bigger scale…

    I’m nagging Kurtis to get the details posted so hopefully it will be soon….


  3. Jesse Says:

    Piece of cake, we’ve got the landmine, just slap a couple of bars into it, load ‘em full of plates and start pulling the living hell out of it – piece of cake, we’ll play with it on saturday. How’s 10:00?

  4. Jesse Says:

    Block – I think we need to make a mold and pour us a square wonderful cube of concrete – we’ve got the wood :)


  5. Dan Says:

    Im very excite! Sat. 10am its a deal.

  6. Dan Says:

    HEY! Do we have any women competing at the contest? It would be pretty piss poor if we don’t.

  7. Colin Says:

    So… If one warrants a potential invite then when is this ass kicking gonna start? I could come any time, any day during the week. Sundays are bad for me though…

  8. Abi Says:

    Dan guess what!!!! !!?? You get your wish; Jesse is making me and Lindsy do the competition in Sumner with you guys in August!!!!! I was watching youtube clips of guys practicing for it on line and I think I might pee my pants!!!! You guys had better tell me what to do!=)

  9. Jesse Says:

    Survival of the fittest. Now all we need is a dedicated camera person so we can immortalize this comp!! Volunteers?


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