Back from Posting Hiatus!!

Before I forget! No 10:00am Class this weekend for the Powerlifting Meet. Only the 8am, visitors welcome!!


Back from the Games in Los Angeles! It was a great trip, hectic days and long hours, but the athletes are incredible!! Watch the main page for videos and more commentary!


There’s Crown S Ranch Grassfed Beef in the freezer! We’re selling this batch a la carte, or piece by piece. They’re labeled so you know how much it costs :) Bacon too!

This weekend is a big weekend, Powerlifting on Saturday and Gilligan on Sunday. I need a few volunteers for Saturday, hint hint :)

Also we’ve got WODbooks! $20 for each book, they’re really well done, they’ve got pages for all your maxes (in case you have problems remembering) all the benchmark workouts, the girls and everything! They’re awesome!

4 Responses to “Back from Posting Hiatus!!”

  1. Ed Says:

    Great workouts, great friends, great organic veggies and now meat. Why go home at all?

    Jesse, thanks for setting it all up.

    Now, if we just had a soft serve ice cream machine…

  2. Jesse Says:

    Diary Queen: the only carbs I need!

  3. Lisa Merritt Says:

    I can volunteer! Just email me the details! Thanks jesse for setting up the meat! Ill have to check it out! Ed so true there has been many times I have been tempted to claim a cot in the back! LOL

  4. goffe Says:

    The WOD book is great.

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