Big Week of Workouts!

Here ye here ye! New post!

The CrossFit Total on the main site will be skipped and snipped up into pre-WOD activities on appropriate days. So get ready for some serious work this week!!!

Alex Dead

The party was a total blast you guys!!! I can’t thank you enough for all the support and energy everyday, it’s amazing that after two years we can keep bringing it tougher and tougher each day!! Totally sweet :)

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Fearless Leader Out.

3 Responses to “Big Week of Workouts!”

  1. charles Says:

    What a great party, I had a blast and the food Jesse’s moms killer chicken,
    Walid’s terrific salads and Jeffs amazing paleo bars thanks you guys.
    Shanes talent shined with that moving slide show.
    I’m so looking forward to another great year at Locals.
    Incidently I support web domination as well as world domination!

  2. poz Says:

    Not sure where to post this so Here it will be posted. I just had “leftovers” from the party and they were awsome! What a fun party it was. on a side not I have to agree with charles, I prefer to be dominated, or I wouldnt be doing Crossfit at Locals. ;-)

  3. Jesse Says:

    Awesome you guys! Consider the domination complete :)

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