Cretus Ex Duellum Teaser from Jesse Ward on Vimeo.

Get ready everyone it’s on!!!

9 Responses to “Booyah!”

  1. Ryan Parfait Says:

    oh wow…that’s an awesome vid!

  2. Tim Says:

    That’s seriously the best CrossFit video I’ve seen – awesome!

  3. CC Says:

    This is bad ass. I love it!

  4. Ed Says:

    Great video! Very well done. Our studly Crossfitters and Jesse.

  5. Rodney Says:

    Balls to the wall…BADASS!

  6. Ponch Says:

    :-O WoW!!

  7. whitney bailey Says:

    best independent film of 2012!

  8. Ron Says:

    Effin sweet Jessie!!

  9. Mike Says:

    Love the video. Miss Locals like crazy… So I think I will stop by next weekend!

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