Bringing It Straight to Ya

We’re going off the Mainsite!  Beware :)

We are however going to kinda screw it up Local’s Style…  M/T/W are "On Days" Thursday will be a make-up day and skill day.  Friday and Saturday will be "On Days" and Sunday will be a make-up and skill day.

What does this mean Jes?!?!?  Panic, fear, do away with these emotions.

Everything will remain the same, times, hours of operation, staffing, sweat pouring out of you etc.  Except that Thursday and Sunday will be spent doing repeat workouts of something that you missed because you missed an "On Day" or is set aside for skill development (firebreather stuff, pull-up drills, muscle-up drills etc.).

What this also means is that we’re running one WOD per day, no longer 400,000 different WODs depending on mood/weather/stokedness…  Get really CrossFitted from the source.  We can scale all movements to all levels of ability and motivation so be excited!!!

Get ready for the Party on the 26th!!  It’s gonna be awesome!

4 Responses to “Bringing It Straight to Ya”

  1. Dan Says:

    I got an idea, lets take a sample of Charles DNA, replicate it, and use it to modify my DNA, so I can be a Ripped ass 24 year old? No? Too much? Ok big gulps

  2. shane Says:

    partys on the 26th???? are we changing things on the 24th?

    I love the sound of what is happening, and am looking forward to being able to monitor my future gains, in time and weight!

  3. Jesse Says:

    Sorry sorry – 26th, fricken Friday Night.

    I’ll change it.

  4. B$ Says:

    Is it too late to sign up for the BEAST party on the 26th? I think i’m free and I want to party. Let me know.
    Thanks, B$

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