Burpee Challenge!!

Why not?

Day 1 do 1, day 2 do 2, day 3 do three – for 100 days :)   I’m tired of burpees being hard, let’s fix this!!!!
To avoid confusion, we’ll begin tomorrow on the 1st of the month :) Yeah burpees (yes I’m still working on the t-shirt, don’t hate – it’ll be cool when they get here)!!!

23 Responses to “Burpee Challenge!!”

  1. Morgan Says:

    That is ridiculous burpee form.

  2. Poppa Poz Says:

    I cannot wait for Burpees to not be hard. However if they are still hard after 100 days I plan on hitting you in the back of the legs with a cane, Dumb and Dumber style!

  3. Charles Says:

    This is going to be so much fun!

  4. larry Says:

    how about the phrase “less talking more burpies”

  5. Jesse Says:

    I always refer to the old standby “less talk, more chalk” :)

  6. John H Says:

    My burpee is done for today.
    Man that was tough.

  7. Poppa Poz Says:

    Always used soap when I was not talking right so the old standby needs to be the new standby, “Stop talking or Ill wash your mouth out with chalk”, you know something like this….

    Good job on that Burpee John, I look forward to hearing from you at day 70. ;-)

  8. julia Says:

    I’m SO doing this! Hey, after Wednesday’s Filthy Fifty workout, I know I can do 50 of them. Bring it on!!

    How about we get a shirt that says “I did 5,050 Burpees and all I got was a lousy t-shirt”


  9. Poppa Poz Says:

    Thats it!!!! I want a T like Julia! Thats the best.

  10. John H Says:

    Me too.

  11. tim jeffs Says:


  12. tim jeffs Says:

    that guy is NOT doin Burpees , he’s doin Bouncies

    BIG DIF.

  13. Morgan Says:

    Fine… if Julia is going to do it then I am shamed into participating. Count me in.

    Stupid burpees

  14. Jesse Says:

    C’mon Morg! After all, burpees are the champagne of calisthenics :)

  15. Nora Says:

    Dang, I guess that means I’m in too! I would love to wear that Tshirt to work!

  16. Abi Says:

    you know me I would sell my first born for a free t-shirt=)

  17. Brian Says:

    I did my burpee with a broken foot. I’m feelin good

  18. John H Says:

    3 down, 5047 to go. I can see the light.

  19. Charles Says:

    My last post was before the “filthy fifty”
    and I was wanting to be postive, but I
    gotta be honest. I hate burpees. So
    there I got it out. I goot

  20. Poppa Poz Says:

    Hey as long as its not LUNGEING 5050 steps im in. If we do a lunge challange Im out, and will accept all the verbal abuse that is given.

  21. Chris Bodin Says:

    I am planting a garden

  22. poppa poz Says:


  23. John Sylvester Says:

    Anyone that is getting to me may already have realized that I am a pretty harsh self critic… BUT, I am now on DAY 98 I can say with some honesty that my form is as good if not better than this video. His chest doesn’t even touch the ground. My whole body touches the ground!!!!

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