Can’t Out-Train bad nutrition

Food food food!

It’s a big deal guys! The 23/1 rule is for real. If (it’s a big if) you workout for an hour each day, you’ve still got 23 hours left to screw it all up! Let’s say you train with us 2-3 days each week, it’s an even lamer ratio of “jack it up time:un-jack it time”. Leaning challenge is in full effect! There is a great cadre of betting souls, looking to drop the insulin and ergo the bodyfat levels. I applaud! If you have questions, please get at your coaches! Jesse, Carrie, Abi and Emily are all nutrition certified through CrossFit, let’s go people!

Coaches Update for the weekend:
Jesse: Interning at the Coaches Prep Course in Bellevue
Emily: Gymnastics Certification
Abi: Teaching a Level 1 Certification in Novato California
Kelsey: Teaching 8am and 4pm, hosting our booth at the Fred Meyer health fair from 10-2 Saturday
Deidra: Teaching the 10am and holding it down at the gym
Charles: Taking the Coaches Prep Course in Bellevue

Is that awesome or what!!

8 Responses to “Can’t Out-Train bad nutrition”

  1. Darryl H Says:

    The new wallball targets look awesome! Big thumbs-up to Ed!

  2. James Says:

    Hey, what about Lisa going to the Crossfit Olympic lifting cert AND Crossfit Mobility cert both in Feburary???

  3. James Says:

    Oops, disregard….I didn’t notice that was just what everyone was up to this weekend.

  4. Abi Says:

    Miss you guys! Hope you all are kicking ass on the weekends!

  5. Lisa Merritt Says:


  6. goffe Says:


    The title is self evident, but only to those of us who have tried to defy it.

  7. Chiropractor Lynnwood Says:

    What does it take to get nutrition certified through CrossFit?

  8. Jesse Says:

    The certification was a weekend down in San Diego with a nutritionist and MD going over the finer points of insulin control and wellness mediation with diet as the primary tool for control.

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