Challenge is under way!

40 Total Competitors! That’s $600!

Now. There’s more ladies into this than men… Here’s the split, Female/Male: 23/17.

Gents: $255, Ladies: $345. Be very excited.

Abi Stones

The countdown is so on! 40 more days :)

Now, for serious consideration: CHEAT NIGHT. Valentines day is a serious thing, and we’re gonna do Lunner somewhere to be determined. I’m thinking around 2:00pm and that’ll give everyone plenty of time to make plans with their sweetie and eat chocolate :)

10 Responses to “Challenge is under way!”

  1. Meredyth Says:

    Stellar Abi!!

  2. Mel Says:

    Nice Abi! That is fantastic!

  3. Goffe Says:

    So, if I don’t attend Cheat Night, I’m all “hard-core” and anti-social, but if I do attend Cheat Night, I’m all “Sucker! Yer gonna Lose!” So attendance among the competitors should be mandatory. Or perhaps I am over-thinking this.

    And Abi, I would break my head if I tried that.

  4. Clan Chieftan Says:

    Goffe, you are correct, you would break your head if you tried that :) A point to note. When running your system low of energy (calories) your body will automatically down regulate the amount of calories you burn at rest. It will in effect lower your metabolism for you, as when a bear hibernates, it burns less calories/hour than during it’s waking season. SO. If you bump your intake dramatically every once in a while you can actually stimulate your body to not lower that base caloric burning rate. Allowing you to burn more fat longer :)

    I’m so winning this contest.
    See you there, suckers!

  5. JP Says:

    Cheat night is for cheaters. Valentines day is made up to make us men look bad for not remembering it.
    Words of wisdom presented by: JP

  6. Ed Says:

    Don’t listen to JP. You’ve been working hard. Go eat some chocolate. Enjoy yourself. I’ll dedicate one of my two work outs that day to you.

  7. Nora Says:

    Yo Abi, that was awesome! I told folks at work that this is a “typical” workout. lol

  8. Lisa Says:

    GO ABI!! :)

  9. Lisa Says:

    GO ABI!! :) you rock!!

  10. Heath'a Says:

    Abi, you rock, sista!

    Chief, I may actually get to make it to this cheat gathering. :)

    Oh, & I’m hearing that someone is saying CrossFit Everett is closing, or that someone claims to be taking it over…..*NOT TRUE*…..for the record :)
    Jesse Thompson is the owner & runs it…business is growing…feel free to stop by & see for yourself. ;)

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