Cheat Night!!

Sunday, sunday, SUNDAY!

We’re gonna eat big y’all! Official kick-off time is 8:00PM, Rodney has done it again (for those who know from the Highlander Challenge) he’s set us up in a special room with a Pool Table, Wii, and 50% off the menu price!!!

1253 Thomas Street, Seattle, Washington
Across from REI
206 621 1090


There is free parking close by in a lot on Minor and Thomas – it’s one block, we’re CrossFitters after all ;)

See you there!!

Abi + Ryan (big surprise), Mel, Jesse+Carrie+Gage (returning from Portland Level 1 Cert), Charles and Whit, Art+Jenn+Hunter+Kingston, Lisa+James, Jef (one “F”), Josie, CC, Ponch + 2, CJ, John “Darkness” Harkness, Lee (drugged and tied up), Shane McD. Reply to comments!! Or just show up ready to eat!!

Clan Cheiftan Out

10 Responses to “Cheat Night!!”

  1. Rodney Says:

    $20 New York Steak for $10!!!


  2. Miles Says:

    OK, so is it cheating if you eat terribly to begin with? (note to self, fix eating patterns)

    Maybe I should come up in the morning to offset!

  3. Harkness Says:

    Sweet “Seefood” diet

  4. shane Says:

    Add poppa poz and Momma to the list.

  5. Josie Says:

    YAY Rodney! Thanks for hooking us up, again. I’m looking forward to it!

  6. charles Says:

    Thanks Rodney! Just give me the dessert menu and I’ll be fine

  7. shane Says:

    Great Food, Great Company, Great Job! Thanks Rodney.
    It was great haning out with all of you “Cheaters”.

  8. Jared Says:

    That was fantastic. Thanks again.

  9. Philip Bjorge Says:

    DUDE! It’s Charles!

  10. John Sylvester Says:

    Rodney, that was awesome, THANKS A BUNCH. Kim and I couldn’t have spent our 13th anniversary with better people. Our present was to see Charles on mainsite too!!!!!!!!!!

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