Closed for Easter

easterbunniesWe’ll be open later on saturday until 3:00pm to help you guys squeeze in that extra workout, if needed ;)   Have fun egg hunting, or praying, or sleeping, or eating or whatever it is that y’all do!!

3 Responses to “Closed for Easter”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Lord, I give thanks for the wonderful easter holiday workouts which you have bestowed on us. Especially the dual medicine ball carry run.

    We will all enjoy our newfound humilty.

    Amen. =P

  2. Poppa Poz Says:

    That crossfit bunny worked his Butt off this morning while the other one was able to do all fo the Med ball running but ended up rubbing his ears off, ahhh the joys of CF.

  3. Charles Says:

    Today’s workout was humbling, my butt hurts too.
    With no place to go Friday night I dropped by the gym to find Lisa, Linsay, Daniel and “the Boss” honing their powerlifting skills, you guys are awesome.

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