Competitions Coming Up!

And thankfully you don’t have to wear a singlet at all of them!!! 

March 7th-8th

Washington State Powerlifting Championships

Yeah, we’re bringing a team.


March 22nd

Big Climb for Leukemia

69 Flights of Stairs for time, carry an infant for cool points.

Yeah, we’re bringing a team.


I encourage you to sign up!!!  As CrossFitters we can do both these competitions, unlike silly specialists :)  

Join the LCF Myrmidons (the team) anytime by talking to Jesse and giving him a filled out "hard ass profile". 


6 Responses to “Competitions Coming Up!”

  1. Charles Says:

    Could you please try to be a little more serious!

  2. Chad R Says:

    Let me know if you want to borrow a Rhino Singlet…I’ll hook you guys up. They are lycra don’t you know?

  3. Abi Says:

    charles i am trying my very best what more do you want of me! lol how is the knee?

  4. larry Says:

    ha!!! you cant wear shorts underneath !!

  5. Daniel Atch Says:

    You guys look like you muscles are swollen from all that iron curling

  6. larry Says:

    jesse do you need a rhinos singlet we got a few that would fit

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