Conjugate Training for Weightlifting

Alright!! Finally it’s here in it’s truly 1.1 version. Eventually I want to have this as another blogroll type page and put of the workouts of the day, but this might actually be better from a weekly standpoint, because that’s how it’s gonna be is like a weekly deal of training, and we’ll meet a few times each week to get it all together, and go from there.

4 Main training days each week. The volumes are broken up into these 4 days as such: 35.4%, 27.3%, 16.7% and 8.6%. I’ve done the calculating, it’s never gonna be exact so move on, but what that’s about it training OPTIMALLY so we can keep progressing and breaking records. Some days, the Max Effort Days are much lower in volume that the Dynamic Effort Days. Get used to it. The “off” days are anything but off, get used to that. I do expect to see you just about every day, and sometimes twice for really small little things, like extra hypers, or hamstrings, or triceps or whatever.

Week 23: I need to get this to be a blog, I know. I’m working on it!

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Speed Strength Clean and Jerk

Mid Thigh Hang Clean w/pause at Mid Thigh 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%
Panda Pulls (Snatch) 20×1 at 80% of best Snatch
Chain Press 8×3 50% + 25% in Chains
40 Jumps Kneeling w/ DB’s
Reverse Hypers 5×15 – work hard here

Saturday: Absolute Strength Snatch

Chain Jerk for 1 Rep Max
Hang Squat Snatch w/o pause for 1 Rep Max
Band Press 6×1 at 90% of best Banded Press
Strict Hypers 3×20 with MedBall between feet (if too light, use ankle weights, or bring the reps way higher)

Sunday: rest

Week 24:

Monday: Dynamic Effort Upper Body
Banded MultiGrip Bar Bench Press 8×3 55% with 25% Band Tension
Overhead Barbell Extensions into Military Press for Max Reps in each exercise 3 sets
Banded T-Bar Row Max 5, 3 sets at that weight
Wide Mag Grip Lat Pulls Max 8, 3 sets at that weight
Bar Taps 5×10
Standing Banded Sweeps 3×20

Tuesday: Sleds
400m Forwards
400m Backwards
200m Sideways
100m x
-Chest Presses
-Ab Twists

Pushing Sled:
10x 40m Runs, load up something fairly light, rest 1 minute between efforts
GHD Sit-ups 5×20

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Absolute Strength Clean and Jerk
High Hang Muscle Clean for 1 Rep Max
Sumo Chain Deads 5×3
Banded Cambered Box 5×3
Banded Ab-Mat Sit-ups 3xRM
Easy Hypers 3×15

Friday: Lower Body Accessories

Single Legged Leg Press 3×35 each side
Hip and Back Extensions 5 sets max reps
Mid Thigh CL Pull 3 sets of 5 exertions – ISOMETRICS
Side Planks 3 times 1 minute each side
DB Rows 4×25 each side

Saturday: Special Strengths Day
Turkish Get Up for 1 Rep Max
400m Walk carrying the 100b sandbag or the cannonball, or 50b medball
Sideways Sled Hammer Strikes against the tire (outside!!!) 5×20 each side
Suitcase Deadlifts using the farmers walk handles 5×8, go heavy but be smart

Sunday: Rest