Conjugate Training for Weightlifting

Alright!! Finally it’s here in it’s truly 1.1 version. Eventually I want to have this as another blogroll type page and put of the workouts of the day, but this might actually be better from a weekly standpoint, because that’s how it’s gonna be is like a weekly deal of training, and we’ll meet a few times each week to get it all together, and go from there.

4 Main training days each week. The volumes are broken up into these 4 days as such: 35.4%, 27.3%, 16.7% and 8.6%. I’ve done the calculating, it’s never gonna be exact so move on, but what that’s about it training OPTIMALLY so we can keep progressing and breaking records. Some days, the Max Effort Days are much lower in volume that the Dynamic Effort Days. Get used to it. The “off” days are anything but off, get used to that. I do expect to see you just about every day, and sometimes twice for really small little things, like extra hypers, or hamstrings, or triceps or whatever.

Week 15:

Monday: Max Effort #1 “Massive Mondays”

Thanks guys, forgot about this one. Next week I’ll be getting back from Russia, check out the email, it’ll be on there, in the groups posting I think that’s the best way to get that done.

Tuesday: Dynamic Effort Upper Body

We’re gonna start the day off with 1/2 the jumps, then do the other half at the end

Jumps: 20 each Leg
Ankle Weights, and hold DB’s

Snatch Wave: 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%
Hang Squat Snatch w/o pause

Speed Strength for Squats: 12×2
Chain Cambered Box Squat 55% Bar + 25% Chains

Zercher Romanian DL 8 Sets of 5 Reps, try this one out! Get serious.

Pull-ups Work to a 1 Rep Max with weight, then 5 more with 5lbs less. Then 3 sets all out strict. Then do an assisted negative (hold the top, have a buddy tear you down, but be nice to each other) then do 10 smooth, strong kip swings, 5 times of that.

Jumps: 20 each Leg
Ankle Weights, and hold DB’s

“What do we do Wednesdays?” Here we go: scripted. Do this! Week 2 Right? 100 Banded Triceps Pressdowns, 100 Standing Bandy Rows, 100 Biceps Curls use light DB’s like 15′s or 8′s, 3 sets of shoulder horn rotators, AbMat Crunches, 100 walking lunges steady. You can certainly make this into rounds or you can blast through it straight 100′s, I think either way is good.

Thursday: Dynamic Effort Lower Body “The Hamstring is evil, it must be punished.”

Dynamic Effort Wave 1 Week 1:

20 Total Reps, two legged jumps
Kneeling to Feet, then to Box, no extra weight

CnJ Speed Strength Exercise 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%
Power Clean and Split Jerk

Speed Strength Pulling Wave:
Snatch High Pull against Chains 20×1 50% Bar + 25% Chains

You’ll have to link some chains together or they’ll all come off the ground when you reach the top most likely. The goal is to have some chain on the ground at the start and at the finish of the stroke. If it feels too goofy, get more weight and blast into them!

Upper Body Supplementary:
Banded Press 55% Bar + 25% Band

20 Total Reps, two legged jumps
Kneeling to Feet, then to Box, no extra weight


Reverse Hypers: 4x the poundage from Tuesdays Squatting. For example, if I used 185 Bar weight and 80 pound of band tension, I’d have 265lbs per rep, 24 reps, means 6360 pounds of squats. 4 times that is 25,440 pounds of hypers! Which means, roughly speaking 100 reps at 250 pounds. Sounds like 5×20. Use math, train right. Let’s go!

Face up Anti-plank holds. Do 3 sets to a good stopping point. Time them for posterity. If it’s gonna take like 7 minutes, put a 50 lb ball on your hips.

Russian Twists 5×50

Friday: Max Effort #2 “Freakshow Fridays”

Max Effort Jerk Movement:
Push Jerk for 1 Rep Max

Max Effort Snatch Movement:
Full Snatch for Max. GO FOR IT

Snatch/Press Work:
Concentric Overhead Squat 6×1 90%

Posterior Chain Work:
Strict Reverse Hypers 5×10

Military Press, starting point

Barbell Bent over Rows 5×5, then 5×10, go for more weight that last week

Skull Crushers 5×15
Cable PullDown Abs 5×20
Easy Hypers 3×30

Saturday: Since there’s no more CrossFit Open: I want to start using sleds, and holding things again. Movement under tension is a critical part of the plan. If it’s nasty outside, I get it, sledding in the rain sucks, use the zombie walk slegs inside the gym and hold onto a beefy sandbag or the housefeld stone while you walk. In the summer time and when it’s sunny, we need to be out back, pulling, pushing, sweeping, lungeing, goodmorninging, sidestepping these sleds like wild people let loose from the gym. Enhance the ability of the legs and middle to do work and support load throughout the entire kinetic chain. Typically 40 minutes of work is clearly enough.

Sunday: Get ready for another week! Could be Wednesday type stuff, or something different, I think hiking, skiing, all that outdoor stuff is great, if it hits your legs badly and affects the max effort day, ultimately I think that’s OK, your legs don’t know the difference, they just got smashed to smithereens again by the weights, and the number might be off, but the muscle can’t tell. I think the general physical preparedness gained by outside/out of the box/new sports stuff is golden and should not be avoided but people are our level. Same thing goes for labor stuff, work on your house, cut wood, do stucco at your aunties place, good for the back and shoulders and makes you tougher so you can endure more hard work. The best lifters always come from rural areas where the kids do all kinds of manual labor. I.e. keep working. Honor the Sabbath if that’s your thing, but get to it.