Conjugate Training for Weightlifting

This is the 1.3 Version. I really like it. I’m happy with it. TRAIN HARD!!

Week 47:

Monday: Absolute Strength Clean and Jerk (Or do the Liftoff WOD and not worry about this too much)

Deficit Power Clean for max
Snatch Panda Pulls 6×2 90% of SN
Isometrics: Top 1/4 Front Squat 3 sets of 5 exertions
DB Upright Rows 3×15 with a pair of DB’s
Side Bends 7×5 use a barbell get serious

Tuesday: Lower Body Accessory

Glute Ham Raises: 5xRM
Single Leg Press: 3×20 use bands on it too
Sled Walks between legs: 400m in 50m sprints rest as needed
Scissor Kicks ankle Weights: accumulate 200 reps

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Speed Strength Snatch
Banded Power Snatch 12 x2 50% +25%
Banded Front Squat Box 10×2 60% +25%
Zercher Belt Squat 5×5 use bands on the belt squat and a fat bar, get after it
Seated Jumps DB’s – sideways 40 reps 20 and 20
Hanging Knee Raises Tabata w/ 10lb ball

Friday: Sleds I’m gonna try and work on the isorobic things, if I get it sorted out, I’ll holler at you about it.

400m Forwards
400m Backwards
200m Sideways
100m x
-Chest Presses
-Ab Twists

Strap between the legs, hands below knees forwards
“10x 40m “”Runs”"”
GHD Sit-ups 5×20

Saturday: Max Effort Lower Body
SSQ Goodmorning against Chains use 4 chains each side go for max
Power Clean against Mini bands For max
Single Leg Glute Bridges put a DB on your hip, 5×10/side
Single Arm Allen Lift KB (bottoms up would be sick!) 5×10/side

Sunday: Rest

Week 48:

Monday:LB ac
Glute Ham Raises load it, 5×5
Singles Legged Leg Press 4×30
Banded Pull-Throughs w/ weight vest 4×30
L-Sit Holds Hanging, accumulate 90 seconds in a perfect L

Tuesdays: ME UB
3 Board Bench
Dips for heavy 8
Bent Over Row 5×10
Pull-ups 5×5

Wednesday: UB ac
See-Saw Press 5×5
Rope Cable Extensions 5×10
Isometrics Turn Around in Dip (push press type position)
Single Arm Cable Pulldowns 5×12/side
100 Pull Aparts 1″ Band
Thursday: Rest

Friday: SS CnJ
Mid Thigh Hang Clean w/pause 12×2 no bands, 4 each at 70%, 75% and 80%
Banded SN Grip DL 20×1 55+25%
40 seated box jumps DB’s to Jerk
Ankle Weight+Ball Strict Hypers 100 reps
Frontal Plane Raises 5 sets good reps

Saturday: AS SN
Mid Thigh Hang Power Snatch for max
Chain Overhead Squat take time to get this set up right, make sure you have room for fantastic failues. For “max”
Isometric Turn Around in Dip – bar at the hang
MedBall Shot Puts – go outside and throw it at the wall, use your legs and get some good drive going. 3×20/side
Hip and Back Extensions 5 sets max reps

Sunday: Rest