Cretus Ex Duellum

Updated as of 5:30pm. All entries final. Thanks for a great weekend!

Women’s Team Standings (FINAL)

Men’s Team Standings (FINAL)

Women’s Firebreathers Standings (FINAL)

Men’s Firebreathers Standings (FINAL)

Women’s Masters Standings (FINAL)

Women’s Open Standings (FINAL)

Men’s Masters Standings (FINAL)

Men’s Open Standings (FINAL)


Cretus Team Events 2014

Cretus 2014 Master:Open Standards

Friday the 24th’s Schedule:
10:00am Registration Opens (Teams need to check in now!)
High Noon: Lady Teams first event
1:00 PM: Men Teams first event
2:00 PM: FireBreathers first event
3:00 PM: Masters and Open first event
5:30 PM: FireBreathers second event
6:30 PM: CrossFit Swap Meet!!
7:30pm-ish: Closed for the night

We’re running 5 divisions this year: “FireBreather” Individuals, “Master” Individuals, “Open” Individuals, and Same Gender Couples: Mens and Ladies. SGCs can be either two men or two ladies. Male teams will compete only against male teams, and likewise for the ladies.

Late registration is now open for those fence sitter out there!! So that we can order the shirts and get everything here on time for the contest we have to have a closing date on registration :( If you register using the buttons below there is no guarantee of you getting a T-shirt, but you can totally come compete and win!! We did order a few extra so you just might get lucky ;) So, register today!!

Here’s the registration link for FireBreathers! Remember, this is the toughest division. Expect the unexpected, expect to be out of the know, and to earn derision from the meet director for nothing in particular.


Here’s the link for Opens and Masters! You’ll get an email from me ASAP asking for all the pertinent details for the contest. Please be inpatient and fervent. Expect to have events that you can complete, and in that compete! Expect to know quite a bit about what’s happening and certainly to have your time schedule understood.

Opens and Masters

Here’s the registration for the Same Gender Couples! More to come later, but let’s get this thing going! I’m looking for 20 Male Teams and 20 Lady Teams. I’ve got a few on the wait list, I’ll email them directly, but otherwise, click it up and get ready for THREE FULL DAYS!!


We’ve got good Ole’ RockTape as a sponsor this year! They’re donating tape to Head2Toe Clinicians for use on your ailed parts and pieces! Yay!!


Here’s the video from the 2012 contest courtesy of 8 Rivers Films!

I promise, this year, no midnight WOD, no matter what!! No matter what. That’s not happening again. I didn’t even do the midnight WOD for New Year’s this year, because that sucked, too.

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