Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all

Just a question, How come NOBODY puts their rates out on the internet?  Or over the phone for that matter?  I don’t get it.

Cash Money

Here’s our rates:  $30 (including tax, so it’s really $27.53, I just like round numbers) with a one time bank fee of $16.33 (including taxes again).  Training and coaching fee are extra.  Usual one on one training rates are $54.45 (including tax) for a 1 hour session, fundamentals of CrossFit course runs 5 sessions (these may run shorter, but it’s based on a curriculum, so it may take forever!) these are $190.58.  Unlimited CrossFit sessions are $130.68 for a whole month! 

Here you go – I’m gonna put our competitors out there and you can search for their rates all you want.  Good Luck.

Happy hunting!!

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