Essential Home Gear

Besides a sock and Jump Rope? What do you have at home that helps you?

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7 Responses to “Essential Home Gear”

  1. Andrew Feucht Says:

    Foam roller, the Stick and Aleve!

  2. Cunningham Says:

    An old 20lb dumbbell, a tennis ball and 650 sqft of perfectly usable space right now. But a foam roller, and a few other items are on a “must get” list.

  3. supnagel Says:

    Does anyone want me to answer this one?

  4. Brent P Says:

    A 5 foot PVC pipe upstairs, another one downstairs, foam roller, 50lb kettlebell, 25lb kettlebell, doorway pullup bar, and a fancy purple workout mat :)

  5. Ed Says:


  6. Tim Says:

    Foam roller and lacrosse ball for those times when I have to leave right after a WOD without doing the mobility work as Rx.

  7. CC Says:

    Foam roller, lacrosse balls, the Stick, ski poles (for pass throughs), various bands, doorway pull-up bar.

    And I’m with Ed – racks of wine ;)

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