Fall Fun Time Rosters – Join the Fun!

The quest for inner strength usually starts somewhere on the outside – in the end you learn more about yourself than about the game.  Here we go!We’ll get there! Olympic Lifting Class:  Limit 8 people; length: through the winter at least; cost: $80 for the first 5 weeks (we’ll bill it incrementally).

  1. Nicole Picknell
  2. Charles Neill
  3. Daniel Simonton
  4. Richard Duncan
  5. Abi Grove (Fridays Only)
  6. Darryl Heimbigner
  7. Lindsay Schilaty
  8. Emily Riddell

 Fall Rowing Challenge: Unlimited people; length: Sept 15th to Oct. 15th; cost: nothing but sweat.

  1. Carrie Ward
  2. Susan Winney
  3. Michelle Winney
  4. Lindsay Schilaty
  5. Charles Neill
  6. Jesse Ward
  7. Richard Duncan
  8. Shane McDonald
  9. Deidra Ducheane
  10. Mike Ball
  11. Karen Ball

3 Responses to “Fall Fun Time Rosters – Join the Fun!”

  1. Charles Says:

    When I grow up I want to be like Lindsey!

  2. Johnno Says:

    Count me in for the rowing challenge!
    It’ll keep my ass in the gym regularly for that first month through the start of school… this will be good.
    When can I sign up for the next OLY Lifting class?

  3. Johnno Says:

    (and when I grow up… I wanna be like Charles)

    ((no offense, Lindsay))

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