False alarm – we’re soo not opening Wednesday

Uhh. Basically SNAFU with the handicap shower seats. We’re going back to the welder for more brackets to that we can attach them properly. As far as a time frame goes pray to God that we’re open by the end of the Month, that’d be great! Wouldn’t it?

I can’t live like this. I want to train people so bad it’s silly. I mean who wants to go to work this bad, it’s like an ache way worse than my knee/shoulder/back/wrist – strange to say the least. When we get open boy oh boy we are gonna blow the socks off everyone around here. It’s downright scary.

Attention: Gym’s in my local area, you know who you are. Local’s Gym: The Home of Lynnwood Crossfit is going to wreck shop on you. We’re talking like what Joe Fox does to “Little Shop Around the Corner” in “You’ve Got Mail”. You know what I’m talking about, don’t lie.

I think I have an ulcer.

3 Responses to “False alarm – we’re soo not opening Wednesday”

  1. Vader Says:

    WOW! Who would have thought all the little details would take so long. Hope that is the last one. Good time for you to get down on a bunch of cross fit routines

  2. Jesse Says:

    Get ‘em down!?!?! We got routines like CRAZY, they’re coming out of my eyeballs, I just wanna use ‘em on people. Err, I mean guide members through these challenging workouts…

  3. John S Says:

    I hear ya’ My gym is just a few months away now, and I plan on destroying all the local Foo-Foo gyms around Pittsburgh!

    Train hard, have fun!

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