Fight Gone Bad!

“I hate Wall Ball shots” ~ JP Levesque

Aaron Row

Some are poor at rowing…

Charles Row

Others at box (tire) jumps…

Rich rest

The sign up sheet for our Fight Gone Bad event is up, between the two awesome posters. Get into this people!!! We’ll be doing FGB themed workouts to get you guys more ready than you are already ;) We’ve ordered tickets so when you get someone to sponsor you, they can come watch if you give them a ticket so they can see you sweat into glory!


5 Responses to “Fight Gone Bad!”

  1. Philip Bjorge Says:

    Looks fun… And hard as hell. My Central Nervous System is still reeling from Linda.
    I’ll see if it fits in with my school schedule.

  2. Jesse Says:

    It’s my favorite workout :) This event is gonna be awesome!

  3. charles Says:

    What happened to “ARMY STRONG” the guy looks like a fight gone bad!
    Looking forward to 9/26

  4. Philip Bjorge Says:

    And it looks like a go on the schedule!
    I’ll be signing up tomorow :D !!!

  5. HD Says:

    Aaron Row….. hot pic of the back! Fight Gone Bad is going to be awesome!

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