Finer Points with Jesse

Thursday night 7:45pm. I hope you can make it!

The first in a forthcoming lecture/discussion/soap box series with the Clan Cheiftan.

Topic(s): CrossFit Programming

-Constantly Varied Functional Movements executed at High Intensity
-Workout Creation
-Time Priority vrs. Task Priority

Next: CrossFit Physics, no joke. Date? To be determined :)

15 Responses to “Finer Points with Jesse”

  1. poz Says:

    will you be welcomed if your late?

  2. Jesse Says:


    Absolutely, it’ll be quite annoying however when you walk in and the whole attendance yells out “PAPPA POZ!” just playin bro – come if you can!

  3. Jef Says:

    What did I tell you? You, me, and Chelsea once again! When will you be at the gym on Monday so I can try to keep up? You’re a true inspiration!

  4. charles Says:

    I can hardly wait, see you Monday 5:30 my friend. And Thursday sounds great, if theres something I can never get enough of its the “finer points” thanks Jes.

  5. Jef Says:

    Charles, it’s on good buddy! And Jesse, thanks for the knowledge, I know I need it!

  6. Ed Says:

    Jesse, submitted for consideration:

    I must see this but I’m committed to opening night Sounders on Thursday. I’m sure others also have conflicts.

    What do you think about recording it and posting it on the website? It will be a great resource for present and future gym members.

  7. lindsay Says:

    You would pick thursday night, I’m probably gonna be reeeeal drugged up. Bummer.

  8. Chris Seavers Says:

    I like Ed’s suggestion too. We’ll be out of town on vacation, but looking forward to the ones in the future. Thanks Jesse!

  9. Nancy Says:

    Goffe says he will record it if you Jesse, if you want him to.

  10. Kari Says:

    We cant make it either so would love it if someone would record it!

  11. Jesse Says:

    A lot of the info being presented is reserved for Level 1 Certs for CrossFit, so it can’t be broadcast by us, that’s’s job. What I’ll be presenting is all available in the CrossFit Journal!!

    No videotaping :(

    There’ll be more! The moral of the story, keep your nights clear and just come to the gym everyday :)

    Clan Cheiftan out

  12. Ed Says:

    So if we can get all this in the Journal… why would we want to stand around looking at you mug? 8-)

    And why can’t I add one of those stupid smiley faces so you would know I was just joking?

  13. Jesse Says:

    Are you calling my smiley faces stupid? ;)

  14. Lisa Merritt Says:

    Damn Jessie,

    Sorry can’t make it! Maybe next time! Excited have Vicky Lawrence tickets!! Y’all have fun!! :)

  15. Goffe Says:

    Good stuff last night Jesse. Learning is fun.

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