First Series Done!!

Here’s the point totals for the first series!

If you’ve missed a workout the points you earn equal last place in that workout. If you think your score should be higher (i.e. less total points) you might have missed a workout, or failed to turn in a sheet. Thursday is make up day – see you tonight!!

Renee Lirette: 7
Kari James: 11
Lisa Merritt: 14
Mel Webb: 14
CC Lorenzana: 16
Nora Davis: 16
Abi Grove: 17


Darren Rainey: 7
Chris Shone: 20
Kris Johnson: 24
Alex Lee: 25
Ed Anderson: 28
Jesse Ward: 29
Ryan Kjolso: 31
Art Campos: 33
Luke Requa: 34
Chris Requa: 35
Morgan Arford: 36
Shane Posey: 37
Kevin James: 38
Brad Sebranke: 50
Goffe Torgerson: 51
Charles Neill: 52
Matt Foster: 55
Jack Huang: 56
Chris Seavers: 58
Darryl Heimbigner: 59
Ron McNamara: 59
David Anselment: 60

Jesse Rings

8 Responses to “First Series Done!!”

  1. poz Says:

    So hows this work when your subing less weight and score a lower time, than some one who is doing RX and gets a higher time?

  2. Jesse Says:


    You do the workouts, I’ll do the scoring. I REALLY don’t want to get into the logistics of scoring, it’s enough for me to take the time to actually score it. Capish?

    Fearless Leader Out.

  3. Kari Says:

    My question is where are all the ladies? I KNOW we have more than 7 lady members!

  4. Abi Says:

    Yo jesse, this is Krom… is there a time limit to make up the WODs that we missed?… like do you have till the end of the week to make up a workout you missed in the same week to get it scored, or can you make it up and turn it in whenever?

  5. poz Says:

    CAPISH! (can we get extra credit)….LOL kidden broski.

  6. Jesse Says:


    The answer is “ish” make it up, soon-ish. The longer you wait the more it’ll affect other things, which is bad :) Or it will add up and you’ll never catch up. It’s REALLY hard doing both, I tried and died.

  7. Katherine Says:

    Poz: I wouldn’t presume to speculate on how Our Fearless Leader is handling the scoring. At most CF competitions, though, all RXed workouts place higher than all scaled workouts, regardless of time.

  8. Ed Says:

    Great friday WOD! Abi you’re the best!

    And a big “Yah baby!” to Kevin James for cranking out his first muscle up!

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