Fish Oils Pretty Intense Stuff

Dr. Barry Sears gave a special lecture for CrossFitters in California, very cool stuff. He’s been studying this stuff for 30 years, inside and out.

Watch here and think about getting a lot of fish oil in your life. If you want to set up an order with Nordic Naturals the best fish oil purveyors I can find let me know. I’ve got a few bottles extra with the order I made for Charles and my family (Dudes included).

This is especially important for everyone with chronic diseases.

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4 Responses to “Fish Oils Pretty Intense Stuff”

  1. charles Says:

    Something seems fishy! Great stuff, I’m a believer.

  2. Dan S Says:

    I take 6000mg a day! Nordic is good stuff, but for now I have to go with the cheaper brand.

    Anyone else get intensified dreams when taking it? I sure do. Love it.

  3. Harkness Says:

    I think Robb Wolfe may have gone back to the Kirkland Brand (Costo) but you would need to check. If he did, money in the bank. I do about 6 – 9 grams a day as well. No dreams though.

  4. Philip Bjorge Says:

    My dad has been telling me about fish oil and its magical properties for years (He’s in the fish industry). But I’d really taken it seriously until crossfit/zone.

    I’ve got to say – It seems to be helping massively with inflamation in my elbows. From about January until June (when I started taking 3g of Fish oil a day) my elbows were in pain while benching, cleaning and doing pullups. Amazingly, it has all gone away since taking the fish oil. (Now I’m on 9g of EPA/DHA a day on the kirkland brand).

    I’d definitely recommend it!

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