Fun with Pull-ups

D, Monique and I spent some time learning the Kipping Pull-Up, a la Crossfit. Boy that was fun :) Monique is quite the gymnast she shows D and I up in no time…

Pull-ups! Big boy style
Gymnast Pull-ups
Basketball Players Jump

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  1. Skip Says:

    Good effort, guys…keep working on them. The last pull-up ends and the next pull-up begins when your chin is above the bar. From that position, chin above the bar, PUSH BACK, instead of dropping straight down. Pushing back with your hands and arms, pushing your head and back toward the wall behind you, begins creating the momentum to then swing forward, pushing your chest forward, which gives you the momentum to create the backswing, giving you the momentum to pull back up into the bar. (does that make sense?) You’ll be performing 20+ before you know it.

    Welcome, as a new CrossFit affiliate.

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