Game on!

Editor’s Note:  The Gym will be closed after the 11:00 Class on Friday to make room and decorate for the PARTY!  So sorry if you can’t make it ;(


Fight Gone Bad Challenge Saturday all F’ing Day (the expletive was for Abi)


Here’s the plan. 

First Heat 8:15AM


Second Heat 8:45AM


Third Heat 10:15AM


Fourth Heat 10:45AM


Fifth Heat 12:15PM


Sixth Heat 12:45PM


So yeah, technically we’re adding another class at Noon this Saturday ONLY to jack up Fight Gone Bad to the masses.  We’re also asking for a Donation to the cause (Prostate Cancer and Wounded Warrior Fund) from everyone who works out, and peer pressure will be totally in effect :) I’ll have a sign up on the board for times.  Please sign up if you know you’re coming to make sure we don’t get swamped!!! (Which would be so sweet anyway…)

Clan Cheiftan Out.

2 Responses to “Game on!”

  1. Abi Says:

    i think my highlight of the party was at the end when people were talking and leaving and there were a few couples slow dancing in their own little worlds. It made me feel like it was all sooooo worth it! you guys are awesome!

  2. Charles Says:

    What a great job you guys(Jesse, D & Abi) did with the party, Whitney and I had  a wonderful time.  It is such an honor & privilege to be a part of the Locals community.  I am humbled by your recognition.  I love your professionalism.  Crossfit rules. Charles

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