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The article is written for Triathletes but it definitely is applicable to all athletes especially CrossFitters. The jist of the article is if I asked you “Why do you train?” you may respond back with something trite like “To lower my blood cholesterol”, or “to pass my PT test”, or because you’re edgy and crass, “So I look better naked.”

Abi Yoke


Ben is right, these all ring hollow. I’m mentally preparing for when the dudes are 4 or so and they start asking me “Why?” after everything, even when I’ve already answered it 15 times.


So here it goes: ask yourself why you train, answer with whatever; here’s the interesting part – ask “why” to yourself about that answer, and then again, and then again. About the time you start to get frustrated with this exercise you’re probably getting close to the gut wrenching truth as to why you really train. For me it was powerful, revealing and previously unknown.

I highly suggest this exercise in discovering your internal motivation. See you this weekend…



Clan Cheiftan


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  1. larry Says:

    i train to run faster, so i can fundraise and help find a cure for blood cancers that killed my mother, and so i dont look like a sausage in my clothes. i am the worlds fattest marathon runner

  2. Meredyth Says:

    Since we are quoting Patton here’s my thought on training:

    Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
    - General George Patton Jr

    Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
    - General George Patton Jr

  3. Whitney O Says:

    I train not only to pass the Basic Law Enforcement Academy but so that when I DO get out on the road I can do my duties, have other self defense options besides tazer application and lethal force. But most of all, not let myself go like some of these cops that it takes them 2 or 3 rocks before they can even get out of their squad car. Simply put, CrossFit = Officer Safety.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I do it for the challenge! In crossfit we are in a competition against ourselves!! It’s also about improving on where we are weak! Like me EVERYONE know I am a weak runner and rower and not really too good at like overhead press stuff! So the crossfit workouts are varied and help me improve1 But also let you celebrate in what you are good at too. I also do it for the fact that there are alot of people not BRAVE enough to do what we do they are happy going to 24 hour or a foo foo gym with bells and whistles and dong the treadmill while playing on a blackberry or reading a magazine going at a 3.5 speed. Which is fine everyone needs to have a starting point and if that gets them off the couch out of the doritos then MORE POWER TO THEM!! But if you want a real challenge, more skill and awesome weight loss potential you crossfit! Also you crossfit for the awesome and knowledgeable trainers, and a really awesome community. The friend potential is enormous. The encouragement you receive is exponential!! An this folks is why we crossfit!!!!!

  5. Goffe Says:

    Okay, I used to like it when my kids kept asking “why.” I found it a challenge to get to the root of things, even if it was mainly for my own benefit.

    So, why do I train? It has changed over the past few years. In general, it was initially to feel better while I was losing weight (way prior to Crossfit). (My heart doctor, and other doctors as well, also told me to get in shape. Of course, I wasn’t ignorant of the need!) I also wanted to look and feel less like a bison riding my motorcycle, and stop being an embarrassment to myself and my family. As those goals began to be achieved, I took up the challenge of riding my motorcycle on racetracks. The physical demands of doing this well (beyond the skills themselves) far exceeded my present state, even though by that time I was exercising regularly on my elleiptcal trainer and doing some other things. So, becoming a better rider on the track became a motivation. Then, early this year, my brother challenged me to do at least a half marathon. Doing a marathon (or even half) seemed pretty pointless, but I could see benefits in training for it. I made it up to six miles before my back couldn’t take it any more. The doctor said I shouldn’t run any more. Hmmm… not really acceptable. Oh well, there has got to be a plan B. Enter Crossfit (Thank you Jared!)

    In short, living longer and better seem to be the crux. I don’t want to doze into old age being useless and pathetic. In a long term sense, that seems to work as a reason to train, but it is a bit abstract to be a real visceral source of motivation day to day. Sometimes it’s the fear of what would happen if I get out of the habit and become as I once was. It could be the fear of pissing off Jesse. But the thought of crossing Diedra gives me the shivers…

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