Great Job Everyone!!

Here’s the Totals for everyone – Add best Back Squat, Military Press and Deadlift to reach your total.

If you want to know each lift email me and I’ll let you know!

Stephanie McKay (Snohomish) – 490
Kris Jacques (Snohomish) – 535
Tony McKay (Snohomish) – 865
Rick Siekawitch (Snoho) – 820
Charles Neill (Lynnwood) – 705 *61 years old
Dan Simonton (Lynnwood) – 835 (150 bodyweight)
Ryan Ilog (Lynn) – 845
Chad Requa (Lynn) – 855 (155 BW)
Ann Mortensen (Lynn) – 315
Mike Ball (Lynn) – 740
David Anselment (Lynn) – 790
Janice "Ice" Hill (Lynn) – 320 (65 Years old – good squat depth!)
Karen Ball (Lynn) – 320
Karli Roark-Ryan (Lynn) – 550
Bob Roach (Lynn) – 760
Jason Wentzel (Lynn) – 975
Michael LaCount (Xplore) – 985
Joe Barker (Jogo) – 653
Lisa Merit (Foundation Fitness) – 370
Terri Nugent – 250, deadlift only, brand new lifter!!



Special thanks goes out to: Carrie, Abi, Steve, Luke, Dan, John, John, and Shane – rock on!

9 Responses to “Great Job Everyone!!”

  1. Shane Says:

    That was really sweet. When I got there and saw everyone I could feel the intensity in the air, and all I wanted to do was rip my slacks doing dead lift…but then realized that Kathryn wouldnt appreciate me doing that. ;-) Congrats to all. What a family we have in LCF

  2. Charles Says:

    So much fun & inspiration, how cool it is to be in the company of so many motivated athletes. A special thanks to Dan whose coaching really helped me stay focused. Finally the cookies were to die for!

  3. Dan Says:

    Charles. i blew it, the video of you is lost. You kicked ass on the dl. We need to work with you on the squat. Workin on a video of the event, really cut and paste but it should be ok.
    - I really really wanted to lift weights today. My feelings were hurt. Better luck in 3 months.

  4. Dan Says:

    its rough, but so was the fact that i somehow lost a lot of the footage.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    John, nice beard in the picture :)

  6. Jesse Says:

    Awesome work everyone – onwards and upwards!!

  7. Jesse Says:

    Dan I have editing software at the gym- bring that camera!!! let’s do work.

  8. Tony McKay Says:

    First, I wanted to say thank you for such a well run total yesterday. I know it was like herding cats to get everyone organized, to their lifts, and keep it moving along. And you and everyone that helped did a great job!
    Second, I wanted to thank all the Lynnwood crossfitters for all their cheering and support during my lifts and everyones for that matter. It is great to get the competitive juices flowing once in a while without the whole macho, I am better then you, attitudes of other gyms or competitions. You run a first class gym with first class people and should be proud of all of them. Thanks again for a great day.
    Tony McKay
    crossfit snohomish.

  9. JHo Says:

    Great job to all the lifters who came out yesterday and thanks to all of the folks who came out to support. It was a great meet. Thanks Jesse for opening up your gym. Big ups to Steph from Snohomish, Lisa from Foundation and the blonde lady with the blue t shirt from Lynnwood.

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