Holiday Schedule!

Let’s not trifle over the 12 days of Christmas…

There you go everyone! It’s got all the dates from Thanksgiving through New Years, all you planners out there go ahead and update your iCal or your datebook or whatever you use to stay organized :)

The response has been overwhelming to help Isaac Campos and the Men and Women of his Unit in Afghanistan.

If you’d like to send him a note he’d really appreciate it. Send it here:

I’m not sure how to make that a link, but there’s the email address!!

Please please please bring Coffee, donations and all other assorted LOVE to the gym by Wednesday night so we can get it boxed up and shipped to the Hindu Kush. Furthermore, if you want you can watch Rambo 3 (the story is waaaay anachronistic in the current political landscape since in the movie we’re on the Afghan side and they’re fighting Communist Russia) and see some awesome country side, camels, horses, head dresses, beards, dust and all manner of explosions and hardcore-ness. Also I think Zangief is in it…

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