How do I get BIG?

Chains and bands on a old favorite.

Chains and bands on a old favorite.

Getting big is easy, unless you’re really skinny ;)   Two things, eat more, lift more.  No body can really argue with that.  The nuances can make your head spin but it boils down to these two foundational problems.  You have to eat more food if you want to be larger.  How much more?  Usually a lot more.  If you want to gain muscles instead of just pure lard you need to lift more weight.  How much more?  Usually a lot more.  To make this easy, just multiply everything you do by two.  “I eat A burrito for lunch.”  Have two.  “I can back squat 185 and bench press 160.”  Squat 370 and bench 320.  See how easy that is?  “What the hard part Jes?” Freaking doing it is, coming into the gym day after painful day, eating to discomfort, having the guts to never back down from a weight or a workout, getting your lifestyle in order so that you can train with some serious partners.  That’s what’s hard about it.

Fellas,  I’ll see you soon.  Sooner if you want to get big.

That's more like it!

That's more like it!

4 Responses to “How do I get BIG?”

  1. Poppa Poz Says:

    Was that for me?

  2. Dan Says:

    Steve equals badass…. You want to get big, go get a p-pump. You want to get strong train with some serious mf’rs like; Steve, Jesse, Collin, Dan, Ryan, Abi, and I. Lift weights, big ones!

  3. Daniel Says:

    Powerlifting Competition this weekend! Train hard, game time.

  4. Jesse Says:

    Yes it was poz. Dan is right!

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