How do you scale a “Legless Rope Climb”??

With ingenuity, hard work and something lovingly dubbed “The Prowler” :)   Enjoy!

katherine-rope-pulldavid-rope-pullktk-rope-pullsled-resetrope-reset-2These four gave this workout great effort!  Awesome teamwork all around, KP get the Madame Push-a-lot award, David gets the Soldier award (2 Kettlebell Clean and Front Squats with a pair of 53 pounders, Soldier) KTK gets the “I’m Pukie, but I’ll make it” award and Katherine gets the Servant Local award – picking up the slack where and when it was needed!

*Not Pictured*  The Pot O’ Gold Kettlebell Clean :)   A treat for the night classes!!

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  1. Ray Says:

    Wow, that thing looks like a lot of fun. Sort of like a football sled. I want one!

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