How’s your 2k Row time??

Lindsay’s is pretty good :)   Maybe that’s why she’ll be attending the Regional Qualifier CrossFit Competition in May!!





I’ll be inviting people to come compete.  Don’t be surprised if it’s you!!  This is going to be a great contest, lots of fun and yay sun!!!

5 Responses to “How’s your 2k Row time??”

  1. Darryl Says:

    Lindsay’s 2K row time is 7:27 ?
    WOW !!! Awesome!
    Now, if she’d just put a little effort into it!

  2. Charles Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
    Lindsay you are an incredible inspiration to our community at Local’s
    and your level of motivation is the gold
    standard. Thank you!

  3. Lindsay Says:

    Thanks guys! You’re not so bad yourselves:)

  4. Poppa Poz Says:


  5. tim jeffs Says:

    GO GO GO

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