Iuventus et Experientia

“Youth and Experience” because “Young and Not New” sounded terrible in latin :)

This years contest is a single day competition with Day 1 (January 21st) being Masters 35 and up and teens competing on the same day.

Also! We’re going to have the youth competitors complete a full RPS Powerlifting Meet Sanctioned and everything! This is going to be a point of contention as it always is in that I’m stoked because there’s going to be lots of Teens and Juniors setting State and World records!


Powerlifting Total. Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate Rules
Back Squat
Bench Press

Row 5,000m for Time.

I’m trying to get enough rowers for 1 huge heat! Too many rowers to project on the wall, oh well :)

12-13: 2000m
14-15: 3000m
16 and up: 5000m

A Workout from the Open!

Saturday’s Schedule

7:00AM Weigh-Ins and Registration opens, please be here to weigh in and get your gear checked
9:00AM Rules Briefing for Powerlifting. If you haven’t been weighed in yet, you’re late.
10:00AM Flight 1 of the Squats Begins
11:00AM Flight 2 of the Squats Begins
12:00AM Flight 1 of the Bench Press Begins
12:45AM Flight 2 of the Bench Press Begins
1:30PM Flight 1 of the Deadlifts Begins
2:15PM Flight 2 of the Deadlifts Begins
3:00PM Gear Change upon completion of the Deadlifts
3:30PM ROW!!
4:00PM Get the athletes set up and scaled for WOD #1
4:30PM Gear change for WOD 2
4:45PM Get the athletes set up and scaled for WOD #2
5:00PM WOD 2 Heat 1 Kicks off
5:15PM WOD 2 Heat 2 Kicks off
5:30 Awards Ceremony and Good-Byes!

Here’s the video from the 2012 contest courtesy of 8 Rivers Films!