Just in case you missed it…

Justin bench pressed 700 today.


Justin 700

Justin 700 Touch

11 Responses to “Just in case you missed it…”

  1. Dan S Says:

    What a house!

  2. charles Says:

    OMG you are the man, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Philip Bjorge Says:


  4. Jef Says:

    Nice work Justin! Maybe at the Cert they’ll have a team power lift/run couplet that we can dominate!

  5. Lisa Merritt Says:

    Good Job Justin!! Your a beast!!

  6. Goffe Says:

    Maybe, someday, I will be able to CFT that…

  7. Justin Says:

    My elbows hurt…

  8. John Sylvester Says:

    What is the curb weight of a Harley Davidson FX Soft Tail Deuce?

    Dry Weight 651 lbs. (296 kg)
    Vehicle Weight in Running Order 682 lbs. (310 kg)
    Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 1125 lbs. (511 kg)


  9. Ed Says:

    That’s impressive.
    An HD in running order.

    Justin. That’s massive. Can’t imagine moving that much weight.

  10. Jesse Says:

    Great comment – what’s an HD?

  11. Brad Says:

    Must be the 1 NWB handoff guy, 1 NWB spotter, and 1 NWB board holder and 1 NWB SDP shirt.

    Nice lift Justin!

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