Kids and Fitness

Remember guys, put in your score into the intertoobs so I can validate it! Go to find the games tab then login and put your score in!! If you want to redo the 7 min Burpee AMRAP, awesome. Sunday is going to be a big day!! We close around 10:30-11:00 on Sunday so come at 9:00am ready to rock!

How do you show your kids that it’s cool to be fit? Do you drag them on a sled in the snow? Do you challenge them to pull-up contests? Do you inform them that Spiderman does CrossFit and that his webs are refilled by eating meat?

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3 Responses to “Kids and Fitness”

  1. supnagel Says:

    I just call him a pussy and hit him till he gets it seemed to work on me when my dad was tryin to teach me somethin

  2. jacob bannister Says:

    That was a great day. Broke in the new snowshoes and had a blast with the family!

  3. Chris Says:

    I pull him around in a sled and then get him to chase me. Works really well when he is only about 3ft tall and we have a 1.5ft of snow in the backyard.

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