Kids CrossFit

Wanna know how to do CV, FM and HI at your house with your kids?

Chase them and shoot them with NERF guns and beat them with pillows and after you’ve given them a screening of all the original three Star Wars films you can attack them with the light sabers that they got for Christmas, after you’ve smashed them into their bed 100 times, for time.

Somehow we seem to think this helps :)

Coach Carrie runs a fabulous program with two age groups: 3-6 year olds twice a week for 20 minutes and for 10-13 year olds twice a week. If you’ve got some kiddos that you love, care about and want the best for in terms of brain development, athletic development, and character development get them involved!! Even if you’re the aunt or uncle, cousin, whatever (!!!) the cost is really low and the return is massive! Contact us for more details!

5 Responses to “Kids CrossFit”

  1. Andrew Feucht Says:

    I have to say that Coach Carrie’s class has become the highlight of the week around my house. My kids are loving it! I could not be happier with how the class has inspired and challenged them. It is great to hear their stories of box jumps, times, lifting, and general gym screwing off. My 5-year old loves to finish class by going upstairs to pound on the punching bag….

  2. Chris Says:

    This is already on the munchkin’s birthday list. =)

  3. Tim Says:

    Andrew – so that’s your son? I should have known it – he cracks me up! I agree with your comment, since Coach Carrie’s class is the highlight of the week around our house, too.

  4. Kelly Says:

    When is the class for 10-13 and how much? It would be cool if I could do a WOD and he could be doing a kid’s WOD at the same time! :)

  5. Whitney Says:

    Coach Carrie is AWESOME! My daughter didn’t want to CrossFit at all, but she has a great time with Carrie and the other kids. We will be out till mid-March since she’s doing jump rope teams at school but we’ll be back!

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