Last Week of the Open!

We’ve made it you guys! Last workout posted Wednesday night at 5:00pm. A big thanks to D for running this weekend getting everyone taken care of and Abi and I are home soon as can be from St. Louis and Hawai’i (don’t hate)!

After the open we’re going to take some time to mentally reset ourselves and get focused again on scaling and improving ourselves rather than in a small way being pressured into “Rx’ing” workouts. This is good for a short season (5 weeks for example) but too long isn’t the best :)

Be excited for this last and final workout of most of our 2012 Games Season!

5 Responses to “Last Week of the Open!”

  1. Andrew Feucht Says:

    Those damn wall balls have my legs still hurting 3 days later. I could not retest on this WOD. Happy that is over.

  2. CC Says:

    This has been a great experience doing the Open this year.. I am excited for the last workout and also ready to rest- this has taken more out of me than I thought it would. Looking forward to getting back to basics!

  3. Andrew Feucht Says:

    I fully agree with CC. THis has been a great experience. I had several great breakthroughs, as did others in the gym. Well worth my $20. I had highs and lows and am happy to make it through without injury. I am so excited to get this last one done and then get some more relaxed (no rx pressured) workouts in.

  4. Jamie B Says:

    CC and Andrew summed my feelings up perfectly. Well worth it. I had a few PR’s and a lot of fun. The anticipation of the WOD being released was very exciting and fun.
    I really appreciate the coaching that Locals staff gave when we had to push the envelope a little further than we normally do.
    All in all, a fantastic experience!

    And next year, I will qualify for Masters! YES!

  5. Kari Says:

    I am probably alone in this feeling but I am kinda bummed it is over!

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