Local’s Gym 2.0!!

Here’s the details on “What’s Up” everyone, please watch the videos and you’ll have all (hopefully!) your questions answered. This is going to be very exciting, lots of fun, and a game changer for training in general.

We filmed these on the way to and from Flagstaff Arizona teaching last weekend :) Good times!

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  1. CC Says:

    I am very interested to see where this direction will taken us, but I am looking forward to more personal attention from a trainer.

    I hope I am allowed one question after enduring ALL those videos: Will the groups assigned to a specific trainer be mixed skill levels (beginners and more advanced CFs alike)? Just curious how trainers will be adjusting to skill levels.

  2. Jesse Says:

    CC, I guess we missed one question. There will be another video coming shortly…

  3. Meredyth Says:

    All i want to know is do you have talent releases for the people in the seats behind you…. especially the dude in the second video who was going for a cameo….

  4. Steve Says:

    So I caught the scheduling video but what happens if you need to catch one morning class a week and two evenings are the specific coaches going to be doing double duty.? Also how. Will this be a full time job for the coaches without a rate increas

  5. Linda Ham Says:

    I’m really excited. I think it’s an awesome concept and that we’re going to see lots of improvement as we work more closely with a trainer.

  6. Tim Says:

    One of the weaknesses of “constantly varied” is that sometimes, it just works out that you keep missing out on particular lifts or movements. Looking forward to seeing goals made and met!

  7. Jesse Says:

    Meredyth, funny story about that. There was this guy in the airport that had flowery pink and red unders on, we noticed because his pants were sagging because they were WAY too tight. So Abi took a picture of it and posted it to facebook that he was apparently on “my team”. Just got the notification while on our flight to Phoenix, so he opened it up on his phone, here’s the awkward part, Justin was sitting in the aisle seat, SO WAS THE OTHER GUY, but one row back. Yeah, he totally saw his unders on a facebook post….

  8. Jesse Says:

    Linda and Tim!! Thanks so much for positivity!! You guys are awesome. Usually what happens is people don’t say anything about how awesome this is going to be but simply drop the first question that comes to their mind, whichever one it is. Hence the 200 videos :) This is going to be so much better!

  9. michael Says:

    you are all a bunch of goofballs!

    Looking forward to the new direction. Should be fun!

  10. Chris Says:

    I’m looking forward to the changes and seeing what it will bring. I think this is a good direction for the gym and glad that you found a way to try and make it work. And working 1 on few with a coach will be awesome! You guys are all awesome in the first place, but I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements with this new program.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Christy Says:

    I am excited about the changes, but will miss Abi! I would like to know if it’s possible for use to request a group aka I would like to be in a group with my workout partner. That’s all. K Thanks!

  12. poppa poz Says:

    I hate accountablity! On a more positive note, Jesse your lips are very full and kissable in the “registration video”. I am very jealous of Mrs. Ward. Not sure if this is the best place to post it but I needed an outlet.

  13. jacob Says:

    Just like to say that all of these new things coming up sound awesome! I’am glad to be part of a great community, Locals gym and crossfit as a whole. Since I do have kids, will there be any changes to kids program (other than growing)? And any further help with new changes I will happily be that volunteer. Thanks

  14. Cunningham Says:

    The excitement seems to be well shared. I believe that this new model will allow for major improvements no matter what an individuals goals may be. Regardless of intensity prowess, we will be making people healthier, stronger, faster and ideally increasing their quality of life. We all know that this stuff is legit; that’s why we have all stuck with it. Now let’s ‘put it in to top gear’ and continue the momentum that has already been built up. Tailor made, just for you.

  15. CC Says:

    I ask one question! I am really looking forward to this change for the gym – more time with the trainer, better training and accountability at the gym. Those are all pluses in my book.

    I just thought of the question you didn’t post yet ;)

  16. Chris Says:

    Oh, and the rendition of “Blades of Glory” by Justin and Abi was pretty spot on. =)

  17. Darryl Says:

    Clearly Mr Posey’s comment regarding Jesse’s lips are his attempt at being invited to next years trip
    to Flagstaff. But if i might add, I do like the way Jesse’s mascara brings out his pupils.

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