Majestics Football

Saturday Social for Local’s Gym!!!

This is something I’ve wanted to put together for a while now!  We’ve finally got a good reason to do this :)  Our favorite hard asses (read Seattle Majestics) are playing football against Redding Rage (read weak sauce) at Memorial Stadium in Seattle at 7:00PM this Saturday night!!!

Carrie and Jesse will be down there foaming at the mouth from cotton candy over dosing and hopefully you’ll be with us enjoying a cool spring night punctuated by the delightful smashing of heads…

Talk to Jesse about directions and such, or post a reply if you wanna come – tickets are $12 at the door $40 for the season.  Sounds like a deal to me!

5 Responses to “Majestics Football”

  1. MexiSwede Says:

    Everyone should totally come see me make some poor Redding girls cry! I promise to make it happen if you make a big sign for me – #5 (insert something clever)

    - PS I giggle when I hit them really hard!

  2. Woody Says:

    Jesse, I’m assuming that the cotton candy is taken with equal blocks of protein and fat, right?

  3. Jesse Says:

    If by protein and fat you mean hot dogs, then you are right my friend, right as the angles of our squat rack.

  4. Jesse Says:

    Sorry that this page is totally defunct, I can’t figure out why it’s so jacked up. I try to delete it but I can’t even find it to be able to push “destroy”. Your lousy webmaster asks forgiveness :)

  5. Abi Says:

    Hi Jesse! I can’t wait to get back and see you all! Hopefully I will be able to come in on saturday or Sunday Tell everyone hi for me=)

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