Memorial Day

We’ll be open on Monday!

We’ll be doing a repeat from last year of a Hero WOD mash-up. Kevin James has the details as part of my excellent delegatory skills :)

Remember the Weekend schedule is a little different this weekend. Emily is rocking the house!

Pop Quiz Hot Shots: whose hands and arms are these? Post theories to comments.

4 Responses to “Memorial Day”

  1. Kelsey Nagel Says:

    I say those are Lindsay S’s hands!!! What do I win?

  2. Ed Says:

    Sweet rings.

    ($50 a set, while supplies last):-)

  3. Jesse Ward Says:

    Ed, shameless Sir. Kelsey! You WIN!!!!

    There, that’s the prize.

  4. JP Says:

    Those hands belong to OMEGA RED (aka Lindsay the beast Schilaty)

    I probably got the last name wrong but what ever bro.

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