Mobility Work!!

Are you guys feeling a difference?? I’m seeing it in your squats, your hollow body positions and less whining about tight shoulders! It’s painful though isn’t it :) I think that’s why I like it, at least that’s why Chris likes it!!

The party is coming up next week!! I’m super excited we’ve got some HUGE announcements to make, some big things are coming through for ole’ Local’s Gym: The Home of Lynnwood CrossFit. If you can make it please please see to it that it fits into your schedule, it’s early enough!


Thanks for letting me take this week off!! It’s been amazing, to spend some time thinking and ruminating about where the gym is going before our party, well needed :) Also, in case you were wondering, our Sons, Gage and Logan, totally win and are the bestest little dudes ever!! Sorry Poz, Bailey’s et al. We win ;) I think next summer we should get a gym trip together for about a week at Cama Beach State Park and do outward bound CrossFit there. It would be amazing!!

1. Morning beach runs
2. Log Carrying
3. Row boat rentals, kayaks and canoes!!
4. Plenty of hills…
5. We can totally bring some barbells, and KB’s
6. BBQ pits are everywhere
7. S’mores can be paleo for a day :)

Who’s in?

14 Responses to “Mobility Work!!”

  1. charles Says:

    I’m in!
    I love the week at the beach idea.

  2. Justin (Fattius Maximus!!!) Says:

    I’ll come hang out/watch if I can have s’mores and Hemo-Rage Black…AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  3. poppa poz Says:

    I think the gym trip would be fun! And having watched the dudes a time our two I have to agree there pretty stink’en cute. For the party do they get to dawn a beard like their daddy? That would make it all the more sweet.

  4. Kari Says:

    I love the beach and I love crossfit what would be better than combining my two loves! Kevin and I are totally in! Looking forward to the party next week. I like poppa poz’s idea with the little dudes wearing beards, that would be too funny!

  5. Supnagel Says:

    I don’t think we should have a choice it should be a passport workout min one day up there and could steal some a the beach routines out of lone survivor

  6. Ed Says:

    Bacon S’mores?

  7. Jesse Says:


  8. Dinah Says:

    John and I are way in!!! (I hope it’s not between 6/13 and 7/6 though, cause I’ll be gone!)

  9. Ron Says:

    With this type of advance notice…I’m in!!!

  10. Beeje Says:

    Joanie wants to know if old people can come. If so she’ll bring the old coot!
    And Bacon wrapped S’mores!(?)


  11. Kari Says:

    Let’s get wet and sandy!!

  12. Lindsey G. Says:

    I am down! That sounds like a bad-ass time!

  13. Connor N Says:

    I would totally be in for a trip like that!

  14. Drew Barquist Says:

    Dude, Jesse! My parents house is literally a mile from Cama Beach State Park!

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