Moment of Zen


8 Responses to “Moment of Zen”

  1. Harkness Says:

    I have so many things I could say – but I will refrain for fear of reprisal

  2. Emily Says:

    Wow……. I’m sure glad I’m not married to that guy!!!!

  3. Jef Says:

    Forget Ex-lax! Just do thrusters with a 100 lb plate. Besides, it’s way more Paleo!

  4. poz Says:

    That has got to be one of the best “Fire Marshal Bill” Impersionations I have ever seen! Great work!

  5. Josie Says:

    You know it’s not nice to make fun of our “special” friend.. nice job Aaron!

  6. Ponch Says:

    Jesse, I think you found your next t-shirt image. “Crossfit, you may sh!t paints!”

  7. Ponch Says:

    “Crossfit, You may sh!t YOUR pants!”

  8. Harkness Says:

    Anyone got any Ex-Lax?

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