Moment of Zen, Plus+


Also. Do you lean back when you military press? If so, stop doing that.
Esther 1

Try this:

Esther 2
Hooray for Gangster Rap Fridays, “the Overhead Position”, and the Hero WOD “Nate”.

4 Responses to “Moment of Zen, Plus+”

  1. supnagel Says:

    Ah so if I get real fast I won’t owe ed anymore?

  2. Ed Says:

    Nagel, I doubt you’ve heard of this, but check it out.

  3. Charles Says:

    Are you saying that my “standing bench press” is unacceptable?
    I never murder or steal unless its absolutely neccessary, I have morals, you know!!!!!!!

  4. Mike Says:

    The comic is from XKCD. I say that because it is hysterical, you should all read it, and to keep Jesse from getting into trouble for not attributing it to its author.

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