Mother’s Day!!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a Mom, and my sons have a Mom, so I’ve got some Mommy stuff to take care of.


We’re gonna be closed on Sunday for Mom’s Day – get some flowers, pucker up and give ‘er a smooch and hang out!!


Oh, and do 10 burpees :)

7 Responses to “Mother’s Day!!”

  1. larry Says:

    i dont have a mom , now what do i do? hang out with joney’s mom? i dont think so

  2. Charles Says:

    I too have obligations on Mother’s Day
    and I’m not happy about your closing
    on Sunday.

  3. Rodney Flores Says:

    I asked my girlfriend Eli who is a mom if should would do burpee’s with me on Sunday and she said sure. She then pulled my head to her chest and started patting me on the back?

  4. Jesse Says:

    Seriously? Feel the love fellas.

  5. John H Says:

    Lame excuse.
    But hey, I have a medical issue that has kept me out last week, but I WILL BE BACK next week well rested and ready to roll.

  6. larry Says:

    have any of you met my wife’s mom? i will say im going to the gym,but go to the book store!

  7. Morgan Says:

    What no mother’s day WOD?!!

    I was expecting to chase some little kids for time or something.

    Very disappointing =P

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