Get ready for lots of mustaches gracing our fair gym!!

Movember is official! There’s a team to register for on there, get ready to get hairy fellas :) It’s to raise prostate cancer awareness.
Photo on 2010-10-28 at 20.41

Sorry for another stash picture, but I have to, have to :)

Next week our team is competing in Victoria Canada! The boys in the back are competing at Rainier’s Strongest Man that Saturday also! Big weekend. Big Movember.

Get ready for the Cornucopia…

4 Responses to “Mo’vember!”

  1. Ed Says:

    How long have you been working on that stash? Couple weeks?
    Maybe you should have started earlier…

  2. Jesse Says:

    My growth is pathetic. In my defense this is my first time attempting the upper lip adornment, which is a bit spotty on the left. Not everyone is as well endowed as you Ed!

  3. poppa poz Says:

    Hey at least you trimmed the nose hairs b4 you took the shot! Cootos for that.

  4. larry Says:

    that is a sad stash

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