Passport workout people.

We know who you are…

April fools!!!!!!!!!


7 Responses to ““Murlinda””

  1. poppa poz Says:

    For those of you that need it I will be running a human trafficing service in to the next work, so that you can by pass “Murlinda”.

  2. poppa poz Says:

    workout (that is)

  3. Tim Says:

    Dude – “Passport Workout” returns Crossfit Lynnwood as the top search result. Good for you!

  4. Jesse Says:

    We will know. Just like the INS or the CIA. I hope this doesn’t put LCF on some federal watch list….

  5. poppa poz Says:

    It might, IDK LOL. (David its your turn)

  6. Goffe Says:

    Nice backwards picture

  7. CC Says:

    Apparently some of us did not get the memo about the April Fools. :)

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