Narcisistic Videography…

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  1. Charles Says:

    Nice!!!!!! The new Jes rules!

  2. Jesse Says:

    Thanks Charles! But 405# + Chains for a pretty casual 3 reps is kinda fun too…. Maybe later :)

  3. Dan Says:

    was that 405? damn

  4. Jesse Says:

    It’s sweet he’s got skinny plates for powerlifting :)

  5. Charles Says:

    405′s cool but your moves are smoother and hey my wife thinks you look way better since giving up Krispy Kreme!

  6. Whitney Says:

    I really didn’t say that, although….you do seem a little healthier.

  7. Charles Says:


  8. Jesse Says:

    Healthier? Who cares! It’s all about self-actualization, the uniquely human enterprise of adapting the self.

  9. walid Says:

    what a fu….. studd.

  10. Charles Says:


  11. Casey Says:

    Not to be hyper critical but it appears (I know camera angles can affect the view) as though your second pull starts a scosh high and you’re bumping the bar instead of brushing it causing it to swing just a bit, which is why your feet move back slightly in the first lift and you take the slight step in the third. Again, I’m not trying to be hyper critical but once a coach always a coach. :) Isn’t it great though, how much better you feel after years of PL competing? I know I do.


  12. Kevin Says:

    Nice vid, Jesse! I see what you were talking about. Too bad Joshie wrecked us, I would have liked to do some oly lifting with you. Ahh well. Next time. Big difference in the two jesses! Wow.

  13. Jesse Says:

    Thanks Kevin! I met a guy at LA Fitness he’s coming you way, Casey – you could also say that I suck at Snatching and I could use a lot of practice. The Olmpic Committee hasn’t called me yet, I’m bummed ;)

  14. Casey Says:

    I wouldn’t say you suck. I just had to give some helpful information. Besides It’s good to keep the feet on the groud; you were getting a lot of compliments and balance is good. :)

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