Neill Family Fundraiser Workout

Whitney Neill “The Real Deal” or Whit as the whiteboard reads has run into some serious trouble.

Over the past 20 years without her knowing it her aorta had grown in diameter from 3cm to 9cm. Which is called an aneurism, these have a tendency to burst. Which is bad. Furthermore, her subclavian has two aneurysms. Her condition was discovered after a series of tests trying to uncover the source of odd “rib pain”. These two main arteries attach to the area of her pain. The week of these tests Whitney began to feel the effects. The doctors had her literally laying around for the past 8 weeks resting the rib (which was the previous diagnosis), which may have saved her life. The images told the doctors that Whitney’s situation was beyond anyone in this states ability to operate. The Cleveland Heart Clinic according the all authorities is the best hospital in the nation for heart procedures. Whitney was air ambulanced (read: inexpensive plane ticket) to Ohio midnight Thursday for the 6 hour surgery. The graft procedure which for Whitney (because of how massive her aneurysm was) entailed opening the entire chest cavity breaking all her ribs in the process. Whitney will stay in the hospital and recover for two weeks before flying home for the second surgery to graft the subclavian aneurysms. Her recovery will be quite long. The first surgery was a complete success. The doctors who performed the surgery are amazing and did their job fantastically under Whitney’s extreme condition.
Charles runs his own Contracting company, Pearl River Woodworks. He gets paid when he works on people’s houses, bathrooms, basements, etc. etc. Not really when he’s in Cleveland supporting his healing wife…

That’s where we come in.


We’re gonna do a workout, it’s what we do! :) Fight Gone Neill:
Row (Calories)
Wall Ball Shots 20/14
KB Swing 53/36
Box Jumps (20″)
Push Press 75/55
5 Rounds for Points

Goal: Raise a lot of money to help the Neill Family with this life changing challenge.
When: June 30th, Wednesday each class will run the workout all day. The gyms around us in the area have pledged to help raise money and do this workout with us.
T-Shirts: Those athletes that raise $300 will receive the sick event T-shirt. Any single donor who gives $300 or more will receive a T-shirt as well.
Athlete Pledge Collection: Below is a form to fill out with donation and pledges, please use it and spread the word!
Where: Lynnwood CrossFit, and other area gyms: CrossFit Advantage, CrossFit Everett, The Lab S&C, and others as we get ahold of them.

Pledge Log

Please, get creative, get motivated and get to raising some money to help this great family out!

Clan Cheiftan Out.

26 Responses to “Neill Family Fundraiser Workout”

  1. Ponch Says:

    Wed. June 30th.

  2. Jen Says:

    sign me up!

  3. Darryl H Says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Whitney!

  4. lisa merritt Says:

    Sign me up!! Please guys let’s get after it!!

  5. Doug Says:

    Rosemary and I are in. We will start attempting to collect pledges from people we know in the area.

    We are so glad that she is ok.


  6. Doug Says:

    Rosemary and I are in. We will start attempting to collect pledges from people we know in the area.

    We are so glad that she is ok. Quick question? Should we get pledge money based upon points scored in the WOD? EX; when Rosemary scores 500 and I get 168 she get’s whatever dollar pledge multiplied by that awesome score and I get the equivelant?


  7. CC Says:

    I am definitely in- even if I have to row with one arm! So glad Whitney is okay!

  8. Mel Says:

    I am so glad to hear that Whitney is ok. I am definitely in!

  9. Kelsey Nagel Says:

    I’m in!

  10. Jesse Says:

    This is awesome you guys!! We’ll have sheets here, come and get ‘em and get people signing up to come watch and pledge!!

  11. John Sylvester Says:

    Kim and I are IN!!! 11;00 am class. If I had to pick one person that embodies what Local’s means to me it would be Charles, but behind every good man is a better woman. After 15 years of marriage I understand that I am merely a figurehead, and Kim truly wields the strength and power of our household. Based on those two things I am confident that Whit posesses the intestinal fortitude to get through this… but I am still praying too. Man, I am proud to know all you guys!

  12. Brett Says:

    I’m in!

  13. Ed Says:

    Charles, I’m thinking about you and your family Be well and I’ll see you soon.

    Because of how my mind works, I have to make this a little more interesting. I really have no choice.

    I’ll donate $10 for everyone (in our gym) that beats me (Rx). Older than me? make it $20. Yes, I’m kinda throwing down the gauntlet, but Charles has been a huge inspiration to me and this is a chance to do something for his family.

    A bit bold you say? That’s fine. Come to the gym, do the workout, and make me pay. I expect to pay. How much is up to you.

    Also there will be some of my wood rings and jump ropes for sale at the gym, with all the money going to the fund.

  14. Harkness Says:

    You did not tell us how old you are?
    FYI – I have been meaning to buy rings from you anyway, this makes it a no brainer.

    Charles and Whit,
    Wishing you the best, stay positive and know everyone back here is praying for your fast and complete recovery!!!! We will see you soon leading the way at Locals

  15. James Holliday Says:

    Oh, put me down for this event.

  16. Ed Says:

    John, If you watched the first moon landing on “live” TV you are about my age.

    If I were one of the twenty-somethings in our gym and this old(er) guy was talking trash, I would kick it back by saying something like; “If you beat me I’ll donate _____ dollars for each year you’re older than me.” or “____dollars for each rep”

    But that’s just me.

  17. poppapoz Says:

    The Poseys are in, and man this is getting good! The spirit of good will along with the spirit of smack talk! LOVE IT. You can put me down for what ever I get….+10 bucks!

  18. Aaron Lieuallen Says:

    I’ll be coming up for this one.

    Whit and Charles- Wishing you both the best. We’re thinking about you!

  19. Jef Atwood Says:

    This is what makes me miss you guys so much! Everyone banding together to help one of our own. The Neill family is lucky to have the Local’s family behind them and we are all lucky to know them. I wish Whitney a fast recovery and I’ve been thinking about them a lot since I heard the news. Ed, my score would’ve been 724, so pay for me as well.

  20. Katherine Says:

    Ed: Have your throwdown 11 AM Wednesday. I can’t be there, but I’ll donate 3 cents per point for everyone in that class. (Rxed or not.)

    Come on guys, make me poor!

  21. Laura Kimball Says:

    I’m in!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Whitney!

  22. Nicole Says:

    Hi all, Whit and Charles my prayers are with you! Whit I wish you a speedy speedy recovery!!
    I will be there to join you all on June 30th. Time to see how in shape you are all getting and give to my friends. See you June 30th

  23. Mike Says:

    As a twenty-something being called out by Ed, I will throw down $1 for each rep you do more than me, or some as yet to be determined minimum amount. The bad news – I will be on travel most of next week, so I will have to set up a makeup time.

  24. Ed Says:

    you were one of the people I had counted on paying $10 for. Since my wife isn’t aware of my committment, I’m going to be digging deep on this WO.

    I haven’t seen you in a couple months. You’ve probably gained 20 pounds and can’t do a 20″ box jump. Find a place to do this WO and I would be happy to pay. Have a great trip.

  25. Mark Straley Says:

    I will back Doug Gordon. I figure that will be safe since he is too old to score many points.

  26. Monique Manley Says:

    Wow –
    Locals gym is awesome! I love the team work. .

    Charles and Whit –
    You are in my good thoughts. . . wishing you a quick recovery.

    Miss you all-

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